Raw Emotions

Today is Free Flow Friday.

Just two days ago, on a day which is dubbed the most “romantic” day of the year…a disturbed young man entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas  High School in Parkland, Florida successfully killing 17 young victims and injuring many more. 

How does this even happen? And why? 

If you have not heard about this horrific tragedy, please take a moment to get informed.

Click here.

It is sad to know that this type of killing has happened once again. Each time this occurs, it’s agreed that something needs done…but still…NOTHING is done. 

Tears flow on this Friday, as the funerals and memorials begin.

I also want to take this time to offer my heartfelt love to those who are in anguish over the most recent shooting with at least 17 killed at a high school in Parkland, Florida. I can’t even imagine the grief they may be going through. May God be with the them and comfort them as they go through this horrific loss. ~ Laura

With many mourning with so many emotions, my heart can not think of any other word thanraw’.  

Please pray for all those who are grieving and that questions can be answered to this on going epidemic of violence.



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Born and raised as a coal miner's daughter in North Central West Virginia is what keeps me humble. My influence as a Christian, wife, mother and grandmother gives me purpose. Living my life to the fullest and making each day count is what keeps me fulfilled. Using my God-given talents for others simply makes me happy...and living for God is what makes me whole.

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