Hi! I’m Laura. Welcome to Free Flow Friday’s.

Wanna know more about me…click here.

This blog is basically to help anyone who has ever been faced with that wall of empty thoughts or wordless moments. Free Flow Friday’s is just a tool to help make a thought connection from the head to the page as well as, connections to others who have the same passion as you. Whether your passion is poetry, essays, photography, or short stories…we have a common interest, and that is looking beyond the window to see a different view. I look forward to each and every view shared.

Writers block has been a  common phenomenon throughout history.  Join me and others to help unlock the block on Free Flow Friday’s.

Professionals such as cartoonist Charles M. Schultz, author Scott Fitzgerald and songwriter Adele have all struggled with writer’s block. We are no different. As writers, sometimes our creativity is blocked from external, and yes, internal voices. Free Flow Friday is about loosening the thought process to unlock the mind and release the energy within.

Every Friday, a quote, image, music clip, word or writing prompt will be posted. Use these as a way to unblock and enhance your creative thinking skills.

There are no rules. Find your right moment in the day or week to write with little to no distractions. Use a pen, pencil, keyboard or whatever fits the mood and just write. WRITE. WRITE. WRITE. I prefer pen, (blue ink) rather than my computer. My thoughts seem to flow faster when my pen hits the page.

Express all those buried, unconscious thoughts within the deepest part of your mind. You may use the timer provided below as you write. But whatever you do, don’t stop until the time is up. Keep the flow going. Do this as often as you choose. The more you write the more you unlock the block. Once you feel you have a creative flow, take something from your writing and turn it into your own masterpiece.

This event will occur every Friday, so check back for the weekly prompt.
If you have used a prompt and posted on your blog, link back to this page. Free Flow Friday’s

Once you’ve published your post, you can leave a link to your post in the comments section of that particular prompt used.

Please don’t post and run. Be sure to stick around to support others with positive feedback.

Your comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed. Please remember to be respectful with your words to keep the positive flowing.



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