I Got The Music In ME…

Hi Everyone,

It’s Free Flow Friday and  today’s prompt is a music clip.

If you were to ask me why I like music so much…I would have to say,

Music unlocks the Laura in me.

To stop the flow of music

would be like silencing my mind.

There’s nothing like a good song to express that very thought, feeling or moment in time. So, todays Free Flow Friday is all about the music.

The link below is a song that I have added to my Spotify playlist.

It picks me up. It makes me smile. It moves me.  Check it out!


Now it’s your turn. Post a favorite song or lyric. Share your thoughts on music. Tell me what makes you move.

Thanks to all those who have participated in the past. I really appreciate your contribution on Free Flow Friday. 

Free Flow Suggestions: Please feel free to share your views/suggestions you may have for a few prompts or free writing exercises. Keep the positive flow…

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