The Reality of Fear

Hi Everyone,

It’s Free Flow Friday and here is today’s prompt: FEAR

Fear comes in many shades. We’ve all had those moments in which we have felt anxiety, stress, worry and insecurities of the unknown, or maybe…even of the known, which has caused fear.

Fear is an emotion hardwired within the brain. It’s there for a reason. Being afraid is a normal function of the human brain. It can be your friend or your enemy.  What your thoughts on this topic?

What’s Your Biggest Fear?

Don’t be shy. Please share!

Thanks to all those who have participated in the past. I really appreciate your contribution on Free Flow Friday. 

Free Writing Timer

Free Writing Exercise: Use a timer (for at least 1 minute) and write whatever comes to mind. ( any random thoughts) JUST WRITE! When the timer is up, go back and look at what was written. Circle or highlight the first words/sentences that pop out. Use these for ideas for future posts.

Free Flow Suggestions: Please feel free to share your views/suggestions you may have for a few prompts or free writing exercises. Keep the positive flow…


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