Looking Back

Hi Everyone,

It’s Free Flow Friday and here is today’s prompt: Looking Back

The photo below is a pic I took while traveling. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw the sunset off in a distance.  I couldn’t help it. I found myself looking back and seeing moments from my past, all the while, I was moving forward.

Share what looking back means to you. Feel free to use the photo.  I am finding that many are not using the pingbacks, and that’s fine. If you ever feel like sharing this link, I would totally appreciate it. But, I’ve decided that I will continue to post and put ideas out there for all to use and share.

Thanks to all those who have participated in the past. I really appreciate your contribution on Free Flow Friday. 

Free Writing Timer

Free Writing Exercise: Use a timer (for at least 1 minute) and write whatever comes to mind. ( any random thoughts) JUST WRITE! When the timer is up, go back and look at what was written. Circle or highlight the first words/sentences that pop out. Use these for ideas for future posts.

Free Flow Suggestions: Please feel free to share your views/suggestions you may have for a few prompts or free writing exercises. Keep the positive flow…


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